19 June 2018

Technology & Design in Partnership

Silicon Bay WAVE

System Requirements

The WAVE system has been designed to be as compatible with as many browsers and system configurations as possible. However, to make the best of its more advanced features, certain system specifications are required.


While the system has been tested on numerous browsers for compatibility, for the best results, Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2 are recommended.


To make the best use of the site, it is advisable to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. If JavaScript is not enabled, the site will still work, but may have some reduced functionality.


To make use of certain advanced features of the site, cookies should be enabled in your browser. Such features include being able to change the text sizes of the site from the accessibility toolbar or to have the system remember your login details for the administration sections of the site.

Internet Connection

While the system has been designed to load website pages quickly, a faster connection would be desirable when using the administration system of the website, particularly for uploading photographs. A 1Mbps connection would be advisable to offer reasonable upload performance.


Depending on the chosen site style for the individual website, most sites should display fine on a 800 x 600 monitor with an 8-bit colour depth. However, a better experience will be gained with a larger monitor and an increased colour depth.