19 June 2018

Technology & Design in Partnership

Silicon Bay WAVE


WAVE makes use of the following web technologies to provide a flexible and powerful system built to the latest web standards.




All of the web pages generated by the system are coded in XHTML. XHTML is a combination of HTML and XML and is the new standard for webpages ensuring future compatibility.


Valid CSS

Styling of the website is achieved using Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS) enabling the styling of the website to be kept completely separate from the individual web pages. In this way, the website can be quickly re-styled at a later date, without having to go through every page of the site.



MySQL is fully fledged enterprise class relational database providing the storage engine for user's data within the content management system. MySQL is a highly scalable database that can grow with your website to meet future demands.



PHP is a powerful programming language running on the web server enabling dynamic and interactive websites to be constructed.



Java is a programming language that runs in your web browser enabling web pages to be more interactive with the user and enhance the browsing experience.


Valid RSS

To enable visitors to keep up to date with new additions to the website, the system uses RSS News Feeds for selected sections of the website, e.g. news articles and blog entries. Visitors can subscribe to these news feeds and be informed automatically of any additions to the site.


XML is a flexible markup language for transferring data and information between applications. XML is used within WAVE to describe the website sitemap in a standard form that search engines recognise. This allows the system to inform the major search engines of updates to the website automatically, ensuring users can find your site and its contents.