19 June 2018

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On the Road Sales Training

How much does it cost you to take all of your sales staff off the road for a day to attend a product training course?

What if you could train all of your sales force on your latest product offerings without having to take them off the road for the day, or incurr large hotel bills?

Not only that, but this can all be done using dead time, while your sales team is driving to their next client, for a fraction of the cost of a training seminar.

How it Works

We can record and produce your latest product training material in MP3 audio format for your sales team to dowload from your company website.

Your sales staff can then listen to the latest sales information on your products on their iPods or MP3 players as a podcast in their car on the way to their next customer.

The training material can be disseminated amongst your staff much quicker than a full training course could be arranged and if staff need to re-familiarise themselves with any products, it's much easier to listen to a training podcast again than to re-attend a training course in Helsinki!


  • No lost time
  • Enhance the dissemination of information
  • No astronomical hotel costs or bar bills
  • Zero distribution costs utilising your website
  • Easy to refresh memory on new products

Listen for Yourself

To hear an example of our recordings, please follow the link below. This recording of a company newsletter features the vocal talents of Winnie Clarke, a trained actress, who is one of the Voices of Silicon Bay.

Example Audio Newsletter (8MB)

What Can we do For You?

If you're interested in exploring the training potential that this new medium has to offer, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Winnie Clarke

Winnie Clarke a Voice of Silicon Bay

Hear Winnie


Moira Healy

Moira Healy a Voice of Silicon Bay

Hear Moira